Major Clients:

1- National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction Co.
2- Persian golf star oil Co.
3- National Petrochemical Co.
4- Ilam Petrochemical Co.
5- National Iranian Gas Co.
6- National Iranian Oil Production and Distribution Company
7- National Iranian Offshore Oil Co.
8- Lavan oil Refining Company
9- National Iranian Oil Company South Oil Fields
10- Iranian Fuel Consumption Optimization Organization
11- National Iranian Oil Company Piping and Telecommunication
12- Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex
13- Shiraz Petrochemical Co.
14- Razi Petrochemical Co.
15- Arak Petrochemical Co.
16- Tabriz Petrochemical Co.
17- Fanavaran Petrochemical Co.
18- Abadan Petrochemical Co.
19- Sugar Cane Development and By-products Company
20- National Iranian Copper Industries Company
21- Iran Chemical Industries Investment Co.
22- Khouzestan Steel Co. (Ahwaz Steel Complex)
23- Mazandaran Wood and Paper Company
24- Abgineh Glass Co.
25- Gol-e-Gohar Iron Ore Company
26- Fars Regional Water Authority
27- Hormozgan Regional Water Authority
28- Western Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority
29- Mahab-e-Ghods Engineering Company


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